Unit 5 – Dance


“Even in our postmodern times, the Romantic, or modernist, ideology of the magnum opus as the peak of a creative process that is otherwise immaterial to it, has kept its grip on the way we think about art.” (Page 3)

Question: Who are we, as viewers, to decide what the “magnum opus” of an artist’s career is compared to what the artists believes it to be?

Exclamation: Taking advantage of certain historical landmarks as a means to profit off of them is wrong, especially when there is little connection between said events and profiteer.


“Such statements assume that memory can not be housed in a body and remain, and thus that oral story telling, live recitation, repeated gesture, and ritual enactment are not practices of telling or writing history.” (Page 3)

Question: How might dance or performance arts’ reputability and popularity be elevated in today’s society, specifically among the younger generations who have grown up without the experiences that the older generations came to appreciate in their youth?

Exclamation: Movement is not a capable form of storytelling in today’s society due to the necessary means of visual experience. Moreover, misinterpretation limits the overall message of performance through the body due to cultural and regional differences.