Unit 2 – Scientific Revolution

Option 2: Someone’s plenary response was “human language has not advanced to translate connotation” and it was a very thought provoking question. It’s absolutely true and in addition to that, it means that it’s up to the reader to decide how they might interpret that message. This led me to wonder whether or not a translator’s emotional state in the moment changed the way the message was perceived. In certain situations. We can only define connotation in the auditory state, unless there is a distinct identified message behind it. The poem presented by Prof. Denham is a similar situation to me. Was the original translator’s mood a defining factor in how the message was relayed? In the plato reading, I wondered if the free man’s perspective/emotional state to the outside world defined whether or not he relays that message to the others. If he had a differing perspective, would they still kill him in the end?

Option 3: Imagine that you received an alien communication similar to the situation in Arrival. You need to be able to decode the message and then send them one back. They do not understand human language and have no sense of gestures. Here’s the message: 00100011100010011111001000101011011. What do you do? This is an actual solution. (Hint: Think Imagery)